Become a Member

Download a Membership Form
You can fill it out using Adobe Reader, print and sign it, and bring it to the Club.

The Boys & Girls Club of Santa Cruz accepts membership for any youth between the ages of six and eighteen. Dues are $40 for the calendar year and are valid from January 1 through December 31. If the child cannot afford to pay the dues, a scholarship may be awarded.

Members are divided into age groups and activities are planned and scheduled according to these groups:

Cadets (ages 6 & 7)
Intermediates (ages 8 & 9)
Juniors (ages 10 & 11)
Seniors (ages 12 and up)

The application needs to be completed, signed by the parent/guardian and child. Please return to the Club with the $40 membership fee prior to attending an orientation. You may also pay for the membership fee on-line or when you bring your filled-out application to the club. If you choose to pay for your membership fee on-line, please make sure to print out your payment confirmation form once your payment is processed. After the parent and child attend an orientation every year he or she then receives a membership card which enables full Club privileges.

Visitors are welcome to visit the Club once and will be issued a guest pass to allow them to check out equipment. Only members have access to the swimming pool and computers. basketball talk

Rules & Regulations

1. We maintain an open door policy.

2. Upon entering the Club, be sure to sign in. Please bring with you a positive attitude and your membership card.

3. Check all skateboards and hats at the counter when you enter. Other personal belongings (coats, books, etc.) may be kept in a cubby. Keep track of your belongings, as the Club is not responsible for any loss or damage.

4. Use your Boys & Girls Club of Santa Cruz membership card to check out equipment and to participate in all programs. Lost cards may be replaced for a fee.

5. Telephones and offices are for business use only. If necessary, you may use the phone briefly to call home.

6. Take care of all equipment and use it properly. Be sure to tell a staff member if something is broken.

7. Shoes and shirts are required in all departments except the pool area. White rubber soled shoes required in the gym.

8. No food, gum or drinks allowed in the Club.

9. No smoking, tobacco, drugs, gambling or alcohol allowed in or around the Club. The porch is not a place to "hang out".

10. Enter and exit from front doors only. On your way to and from the Club, please be safe, cautious, and do not litter. Be considerate of our neighbors and their property and yards.

11. The Club is a safe place to come and be with your friends and participate in a variety of activities. Remember to mind your manners, keep your hands to yourself and be kind to others.

12. If you have a problem, need help, or have any questions, please ask the staff for assistance.

13. Take care of the Club, the equipment and each other.